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Small Yet Mighty!

Jo Jo French Bulldogs Is Home To Champions and Grand Champions

Our gang are some of the most spoiled Frenchies! They are a part of the family. These bed hogs sleep soundly, are fed top-quality dog food, and rule the dog house. They travel with us. Thanks, BringFido! They have a fully fenced backyard and safe and healthy toys galore. In return, they love the heck out of us!

ABOUT JoJo's French Bulldogs

jojo frenchies, french bulldogs
about jojo

What you should know about Our Frenchies

Focusing On The Breed Standard

Quick Breed Basics:

​Weight: not more than 28 pounds.

Eyes: dark brown or approaching black in color.

Coat: brilliant, short, and smooth.

Acceptable colors: Cream, Fawn, Brindle, and Pied.


Read the complete AKC Standard explanation here.

jojo frenchies, french bulldogs

We will never breed for "party colors, fad colors, extreme colors, exotic colors, furry, etc," or any anomaly that is not to AKC standard. Those are all trigger-word descriptions you need to be wary of. Breeders doing these types of breedings significantly increase the likelihood of your Frenchie having severe health problems. They just want your money. Yes, party colors look pretty on the outside, but it's all about the inside of your Frenchie that matters. Indiscriminate breeding for these anomalies more often than not leads to French Bulldogs having more severe health conditions. 



Over 28 pounds in weight.

Blue or green eye(s) or any traces of blue or green.

Other than bat ears.

Nose other than black, except in the case of cream or fawn-colored dogs without black masks, where a lighter-colored nose is acceptable.

Coats other than short and smooth.

All coat colors other than those specifically described as acceptable. Non-acceptable colors include solid black, black and tan, black and white, white and black, blue, blue fawn, liver, and merle). Black means black without a trace of brindle.

Lets take to scroll

About JoJo's philosophy

There is an art to breeding. It’s so much more than simply putting two dogs together to produce puppies. Their pedigrees must be considered, individual physical traits, and recessive traits play a decisive role. The goal is to produce a more improved outcome with every breeding. You have to be mindful of past breedings and forward-thinking about whom you are planning to breed to several generations into the future.

jojo frenchies, french bulldogs

The Frenchies Essentials Blog has a nice article on the history of the French Bulldog.

Are you interested in the History of the French Bulldog? 


Located in Connecticut.
Minutes from New Haven, CT.

jojo frenchies, french bulldogs

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